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From now,my lj will be friend only.
If you wanna be added,please leave a comment.If:
-I know you
-We share some interest (dolls,bjd,gothic lolita,fashion and so)
-I like you/your style
I will add you.Remember that my entries would be only in english (bad english XD) and I will talk about me and the things I love (GL,dollies,blablabla).
Thank you for your attention >:3

It's raining it's raining <3

Yeah,it's raining!I love rain <33333
So,what's about me?Well,in these days I had some good BTSSB shopping.I bought:
-An used white headbow
-A pair of sugary love socks

-An ultra cute white cutsew!It has a removable sailor collar!SAILOR COLLAR!**

And today Jaime Dolls sent out my Ara!I need to sew something for her...any good idea for her name?I think something like Cookie,or maybe a french name...

Ok,I'm going out to buy the ingredients for cook daifuku <3

Feels a bit depressed...and un-creative DX

Today on of my best friend has taken her degree ("laurea" in italy) and ,maybe for this,I don't feel good.I feel frustated and a bit envious.I'm so useless...I think I'm going to lose my "creative genious".I need to try some new ways!DX

I'd like to buy a toy camera,a Holga 120CFN...and some new gothloli clothes (I really need a white cutsew).I need something to cheer me up.
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Hard life for a gothic lolita and doll collector =__=

Today I've paid my Roses Parfume skirt!I'm so happy,it's one of my "most wanted" item...and I have the matching mini-totebag too <3333
But.You know,I'm a dolls collector...mostly Blythe and Dal (yes I decided I prefer Dal XD) But I've started to think it's time for my first bjd.And I fall in love with Lati Yellow and Jaime doll *3* I adore these lil' cute babies...
So I need to find about...ehrrrr...150 euros to buy one of them!I hope I can able to get them after Easter (grandmas' gifts + some commissions).I have to choose:
Lati Yellow Cookie

Jaime Ara

Which you prefer?Maybe I'm for Ara,she's more "unusual" and not so much knowing here in Italy...
If you wanna help me,ask for commissions in drawing/Sweets accessories/anything XD
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I NEED TO SLEEP.Insonia make me so nervous and angry.
I have to work on the banner for my Etsy shop but...just...I can't.


Oh,I finally got my Tea Party shoes XD
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I'm not dead!I'm just work on some thing,like:
-Trouble with italian custom office...they've kidnapped my tea party shoes!WTF!
-Study for an exam...and FAIL it.'Cause teh prof is just a son of a bitch,end of the story.

I fell like a fuckin' loser D°:
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